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“My second ride with the girth mirrored the first, very good – what I noticed is less time to get the horse warm and moving forward.  He is a big mover but usually when we start I am forever trying to get him forward.  It takes a good 10 minutes before he is happy and carrying himself with impulsion.  I think this girth takes away some of whatever inhibits him from moving at first – the warm-up goes better.”

Canadian Customer

December 2014:

Girth comparison or two different Girth Shield models: a custom Girth Shield made one a Schleese contoured vs the stock Girth Shield model at about half the price.
“My horse and I love the Schleese Girth Shield you made us!!  She’s SO much more forward than before I used the Girth Shield, it’s like I have a different horse! I love having this energy to work with and her movement isn’t inhibited at all with the narrowness behind the elbow of this girth.
I rode in the Schleese one for a week, then tried the short girth Girth Shield model again for a couple days, then tried the Schleese again for a few days and honestly there isn’t much difference between the two functionality wise. I noticed that she had a slightly better attitude when I used the sheepskin girth versus the short girth with sleeve, but it’s subtle and I don’t know if it’s the sheepskin or the girth style itself she prefers better. Do you know?
This horse does prefer sheepskin pad instead of any others I’ve used. I punched a half hole in my billets between the two I was using so now the girth is the perfect tightness. Overall the Girth Shield and new-found forwardness is amazing, I’m never ever using another girth! Also, she’s now started a little counter canter and shoulder-in :))”
The upshot is that both work very well.  Below is the stock short girth model with just a little contour and a lot of Shield.  $195
Below the custom Girth Shield sheepskin covered model (Sleeves won’t fit over this large a contour.) Schleese girth: new $250, addition of Shield $150. Total cost to make if done on new girth:  $400  (Ouch!) Note–if you use a contour that fits forward of the girth body it must be fairly narrow, as this girth is.  If your horse is narrow between the front legs, best to stay away from these.
IMG_0567 IMG_0566

(We agree though that the custom Schleese is gorgeous and now have an Ebay stash of used girths to make this kind of project more affordable.



“What was interesting was no resistance to being girthed or to having the girth tightened. It is obvious that he was more comfortable.   . . .  There was a change in the canter, his back seemed softer more accepting of my seat.” 

Anonymous Stubben Rep


“The interesting thing to me is that the effect is so “not-subtle” at the tack up.  After a while they just sort of forget girthing as an issue.  You just do it up, tight as you want, and go.
Of course the work under saddle is more subjective, but your report is consistent with the improvement I see in canter with the young horses.”
Dale Forbes
Show report: A couple of weeks ago, first show of the season,Melynnda accomplished a personal best at the Prix St Georges, handily upping her past averages by almost five points and got the second score she needed for the USDF Silver Medal award.
On her Mustang.
Pictures below with the C-1 cord version Girth Shield tucked under a sheepskin.
Georgia Dillon jumping with her grand prix horse Ultimo, who is a big fan of the Girth Shield–wearing one in the picture below.

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