The girth shield project

Some horses (a lucky few) have no issues with their girths.  Some have a lot.

All perform better and are easier to ride when they are comfortable.  We have a lot invested in our riding, and it makes sense to also invest in equipment that works.

We have both long and short versions now.




And if you have a girth that is “mostly” working, we can probably add a shield to it–or duplicate it with a used model.  (There are many good reasons to shop Ebay. . . )

You can have one, its not difficult or expensive–we strongly believe there is no reason to break the bank, never mind clutter your tack room.

However you do it, there are two reasons to ride with a girth shield.

The first is you have an active problem to solve–your horse is telling you at the tack up or ride that something is not right.  Bloating, ears back, nipping at you, stiff–those are all signs and signals at the tack up.  It’s up to you to pay attention.


The second reason is more goal oriented.  It is far easier to ride and train a horse with the increased comfort a girth shield provides.  They go better.

“He was so much easier to warm up, so much easier to get forward.”

These things work–so much so that we would not be surprised if this became the new best practice within a few years.  If you have any doubts, read the comments section here above-What people are saying and doing.

The girth shield concept works.

Here is how we figured it out:

If you want one in the near future, look here:

If you ride Western, ask Darin Alexander of ArtCords to make you a natural fiber one–he does both cinches and cord English girths:


If you have questions, please let us know